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 What is Spirituality ? What is Spiritualism ?

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What is Spirituality ?  What is Spiritualism ?  Empty
PostSubject: What is Spirituality ? What is Spiritualism ?    What is Spirituality ?  What is Spiritualism ?  EmptyTue 28 Sep 2010 - 2:24

What is Spirituality ? What is Spiritualism ?

Spirituality is the ultimate reality to some….for some it is finding that reason for their very “BEING”. It can be the very essence of whom we are depending on the path we choose to walk.

The very word Spirituality means “concern with things of the Spirit. The state of manner of being spiritual.

Spirituality to one’s that follows a path of growth and evolution of the Soul look for inspirations in life. This can be from a path of the Church and a belief in a higher power or God or Master. To seek that connection to and with the divine.

The path Spiritual beings take can come in many forms from Meditations, to Prayer or belonging to a collective of like minded individuals. Spirituality can not only encompass SELF in the Earth being but transcend that being to the universal planes of existence. Traditionally Spiritualism is a Religious practice one chooses to partake in and experience.

As we move forward in the times we live more and more we are leaving at times behind the ONE faith concept and moving into a place of holding values in many faiths or to some NO faiths. Even if one has no seen path in Spirituality one might well feel that connection that the Universe is about cause and effect.

For some that path of Spiritualism is a path held closer to SELF and the self development that is there. A practice more in singular activities such as Meditations and personal Prayer. Too choose not to be a part of the bigger pictures.

When one looks to Spiritual Path this can be on many a level as well this can be the path to God and a connection to the understanding of creation itself. To obtain and understand in that wisdom of the teachings of the Bible. For more New Age thought that path might well be geared more to specific time frames in life, and one’s development.

When we look to Spiritualism we look to a belief at times in God or Higher Power. We too look to a belief in Spirits of the dead. We look to the Spirit World and to an afterlife or Heaven. This often takes on to that path of Mediums and Mediumship.

The basically held beliefs are that the Soul continues on after the physical body stops its existence. That each one of us has a personal responsibility for self and our actions. A foundation of belief in God or a Higher Power.

With the Spiritualist movement starting from the mid 1800’s there started the belief in to communications with Spirits of the departed. That the Soul went forth to its new existence or body. BUT the Spirit of that person does not just go into a state of limbo but lives on in a different plane is all form the physical. That the Spirit of the person passed is free to interact and maybe still grow along a path.



“In a castle on a hill
A past of war and haunt
An ancient secret love
Kept hidden by the hands of the stable boy
A knight and a witch
Secrets and promises
Deep in the war torn walls
Some codes forgotten by time
Some codes forever engraved in the minds of the new
Stories and legends
Kept in the walls of that castle on a hill”

Nicholas Hartman
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What is Spirituality ? What is Spiritualism ?
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