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 New UK Rules slip in

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the hermit

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New UK Rules slip in Empty
PostSubject: New UK Rules slip in   New UK Rules slip in EmptyMon 23 Dec 2013 - 15:58

As we should know by now
The UK have introduced now content controls
If people can find them, we can opt out
However, that could mean opting out of porn content control also

Have fun out there, its a government system with all its faults

Just spotted this on the Pagan Federation's Facebook group. We are blocked under their new 'parental controls' as are many others according to the O2 status checker. Won't affect people who have a current ISP but means people with a new provider may be unable to read many websites unless they 'opt out' rather than accept the status quo Government UK filter which lumps 'esoteric websites' together with pornography.
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New UK Rules slip in
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