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 Kundalini What is It ?

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PostSubject: Kundalini What is It ?    Kundalini What is It ?  EmptyThu 14 Apr 2011 - 18:43

 What is Kundalini

Kundalini is not typically a subdued energetic experience. At times when it be awakened via meditations or other guidance then it can be a more gentle process and softer experience. Most times this not be the case. So cautions are needed.

The initial awakening can thrash a person severely. It can shake one’s very foundations and feel at times like an internal earthquake going off. Some have gone as far as to say it feels like a madness that comes over one. It most times spontaneously happens, without one being aware of what has come to pass, and at times not ever maybe understanding what has happened but one knows a shift has taken place. It is not something to be played in, it is important to know that shifts in awareness are the result. When one comes out of it one has an awakened awareness and there are many other sensations that feel different and maybe even stronger.

When one has had a spontaneous awakening event one will well know there has been something come pass. If one starts down that path and catches the changes happening one can GUIDE it somewhat. This will less what I call a feeling of being ripped apart in almost madness.

What Kundalini is not is Prana , Reiki, Yoga , it is an awakening . It is not what some call a reconnection of the 12 strands of DNA or channeling. What is be is the making that connection of the energy circuits in the body. It is in a way making the body whole. It connects one to the powers that are in one, brings more awareness to one’s psychic and healing levels. It rises one to a higher vibrational place on a spiritual level.

Is a Kundalini awakening for everyone…..NO as most do not need or want this part of them opened most already run on that level that be right for them. It is like in Reiki a place of attunements and how that comes to pass is a deeply personal and private thing. When one does seek the path and takes a Kundalini Awakening on one has to be aware that the energy flow through the body, the mind, emotions and spirit are for ever changed.

The Kundalini does awaken for a time the deeper levels of emotions and yes sexual energies. One has to remember that sexual energies though are not sex itself but are healing energies. “Prana” ( male energy)
and the “Shakti” (female energy). What is it not is the physical meeting of two individuals so there are no
physical plane in actions taken. One has to be aware of this energy and make sure the bounds are in place.
What the energy truly is be a line between the physical Earth Plane and the Astral Plane that one travels along. We belong and freely travel in both planes. It needs to be understood that we find a balance in that place. The plane is that place of the physical and the spiritual inter mixing.

What one experiences is the Serpent energy that flows up the spine. It awakens the senses of touch and desires. The Serpent though is only a representation of the shape of man’s very spine. It is not a physical Serpent that enters the body. It is easy to see from the tailbone of the spine to the neck how it well represents a serpent.
The Serpent is often referred to as “SHE” but what it truly be is energy. This “she” or energy travels to the heart and the crown where at that place joins with the “male” energy. So that the two connect, in the one body. Unlike the physical male and female physical connections of sexual energies in a mating. It is the internal circuits being connected. It is a very POWERFUL experience.
What it brings to the one having the Kundalini Awakening is in a way a marriage of Light or to some might well say “Enlightenment” but only on the level of that individual. It is not something to be played with and never rushed.

Kundalini Yoga class begins with a short chant followed by a warm-up to stretch the spine and improve one’s
Flexibility. The main focus of the work is called “Kriya” ( the outward physical manifestation of an awakened Kundalini.) It uses the process of “pranayama” ( the art of breath control). The focus is on specific areas of the body. Done at one’s own pace. Classes end with a meditation, and the sounding of a gong. Typically one wears flowing white robe type garment and a head wrap.


Is Kundalini for You?

Kundalini is one of the more spiritual types of yoga. It goes beyond the physical performance of poses with its emphasis on breathing, meditation , mundras ( a gesture or position, usually done with the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and relaxes the brain. ) and chanting. However, the Kundalini can be very physically intense. This type of Yoga appeals most to one’s that are up to both the mental and physical challenges.

Again not something to be played with. Knowledge is power and that power is to be respected along the Spiritual Enlightenment Path.



“In a castle on a hill
A past of war and haunt
An ancient secret love
Kept hidden by the hands of the stable boy
A knight and a witch
Secrets and promises
Deep in the war torn walls
Some codes forgotten by time
Some codes forever engraved in the minds of the new
Stories and legends
Kept in the walls of that castle on a hill”

Nicholas Hartman
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Kundalini What is It ?  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kundalini What is It ?    Kundalini What is It ?  EmptyFri 10 Jun 2011 - 19:40

Once this type of energy takes place, can you actually feel it inside your own body?


That is an excellent question and while some might have a different view on this than I for me I have to say YES. What is though is on a different level of consciousness its more a vibration that one feels. To me I have never learned along the path of separation of emotions from vibrations from conscious or unconsicous thoughts, more I have come to embrace them as all a part of the 6th sense I was so given full on in coming forth to this life.

Today for example I have a massive sinus headache and I feel OFF totally but I too feel off on a deeper level of being. I feel out of balance as well. Like something is out of line but I have yet to access what that might be or even if it be a feeling that is mine. Might well be picking up on the energy of another I am close with, or that of Spirit in search of a deeper connection I am not yet getting.

Too me its all about the connection of the Mind ( Soul) to the Body ( you ) that brings us the greatest Bliss in life.

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Kundalini What is It ?
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