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 Heard of Meridian Flush?

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Your Country : United Kingdom

PostSubject: Heard of Meridian Flush?   Wed 22 Jul 2009 - 23:54

I have been offered a 'Meridian Flush'.
A man on another site wrote;

I have been attuned to a system called Meridian Flush. Its like reiki, but when you activate it, it works to clear the meridians of stagnant energy/blocks etc. Once activated the process lasts about 5 hours, so an ideal time to run this is when you go to bed.

So, I accepted, as you do lol

This man and I swap attunements sometimes, so, if he does attune me to Meridian Flush,
I'll offer it to you here Smile
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Your Country : Wales

PostSubject: Re: Heard of Meridian Flush?   Fri 24 Jul 2009 - 1:31

ok - well let us know how it goes, cant saY I have heard of it but there are so many modalities now its hard to keep up...

Well you can count me in be healed might helpmy back..

Elder and founder

Love, light and blessings hearts

There are NO coincidences in this life.......
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Heard of Meridian Flush?
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