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Your Country : Wales

PostSubject: A WOMANS HEALING HERBS   Sun 15 Mar 2009 - 22:29

This is not feminism but Herbalism i promise to post A MANS HEALING HERBS
very soon. This is a small fraction of the herbs available for women to assist in a non pharmacutical treatment of common ailments for us girls. however please always get a professional diagnosis before experimenting with herbalism particulary during pregnancy, i hope you enjoy. good health. peace love and guidence.

key guide;
tea = boil herb stew for 10 mins strain and drink.
decoction = boiled in pan or simmered.
tincture = alcohol, vinegar , or glycerine based.
emmenagogue= assists or induces menstration.

DANDELION (taraxacum officinale)
use root & leaves
properties; diruretic, laxative.
benefits; water retention, constipation, anaemia (leaves)
* an excellent source of potassium
can be taken as*decoction , tea or tincture.

FENNEL (foeniculum vulgare)
use seeds & roots
properties; anti-spasmodic, digestive tonic.
benefit; breast milk promation, morning sickness, indigestion.
*avoid in high doses during pregnancy.
can be taken as*tea or tincture.

BORAGE (borago officinalis)
use leaves, flowers & seeds (star flower)
properties; anti-inflammatory, diuretic, tonic.
benefits; p.m.s or p.m.t, breast milk promotion, depression.
* higher gla content than evening primrose.
can be taken as* tea or tincture.

FALSE UNICORN (chamaelirium luteum)
use rhizome & roots
properties; hormone balancer, reproductive system tonic.
benefits; miscarriage, irregular periods, p.m.s or p.m.t.
can be taken as* decoction or tincture.

CRAMP BARK (viburnum opulus)
use stem bark
properties; anti-spasmodic, muscle relaxant, astringent.
benefits; back pain, miscarriage, heavy periods.
*the fresh berrie are poisonous. closely related to black haw.
can be taken as* cream or ointment ,decoction or tincture.

CHASTE TREE (vitex agnus castus)
use the fruit
properties; hormone balancer, uterine tonic.
benefits; menopausal symptoms, missed periods.
* not to be taken with progesterone. main (female) tonic (herbal)in europe.
can be taken as* tea or tincture

GINGER ( zingiber officinale)
use root
properties; emmenagogue, anti-spasmodic, anti- inflammatory.
benefits; morning sickness, missed periods, indigestion.
* avoid high doses during pregnancy.
can be taken as* tea, decoction or tincture.

VERVAIN (verbena officinalis)
use leaves and flowers
properties; nerve tonic, anti-spasmodic,relaxant.
benefits; migrane, anxiety, depression, menstral cramps.
* avoid in pregnancy.
can be taken as*tea, tincture or cream ointment.

MARIGOLD (calendula officinalis)
use flowers
properties; anti-fungal, healing, emmenagogue
benefits; thrush, soreness in breast feeding, delayed periods.
can be used as* cream or ointment, tea or tincture.

CHINESE ANGELICA ( angelica sinensis)
use dried root also called dang gui
properties; emmenagogue, anti-spasmodic tonic.
benefits; painful missed periods
* avoid high doses in pregnancy and if DIABETIC fresh roots are piosonous.

CHAMOMILE (matricaria chamomilla)
use flowers
properties; anti-spasmodic, calming, sedative, anti-fungal
benefits; thrush, anxiety, insomnia, menstral cramps.
canh be taken as* tea , tincture or steam inhalation.

BLACK COHOSH ( cmicfuga racemosa)
use roots & rhizome
properties; anti-spasmodic, tonic, hormone balancer.
benefits; menstral cramps, menopause, contractions.
*avoid in pregnancy (except during labour)
*do not use in high doses
*most used hrt herbal alternative in europe.
can be taken as* decoction or tincture.

SAGE (salvia officinalis)
use leaves
properties; astringent, anti-spasmodic.
benefits; dries up breast milk, menstral cramps, hot flushes
* avoid in pregnancy.
can be taken as*tea or tincture.

LADYS MANTLE (alchemilla vulgaris)
uses leaves & shoots
properties; anti-inflammatory, uterine tonic, astringent.
benefits; irregular periods, pms or pmt, heavy periods.
* avoid in pregnancy
can be taken as*tea, tincture or decoction.

MOTHERWORT (loenurus cardiaca)
use leaves, flowers, stem.
properties; relaxant. emmenagogue, anti-spasmodic.
benefits; menstral cramps, irregular and missed periods, helps labour.
*avoid in pregnancy except in the last two weeks.
can be taken as*tea or tinture.

WILD YAM (dioscorea villosa)
uses roots & rhizome
properties; hormone balancer, anti-spasmodic
benefits; menstral cramps, menopause, miscarriage.
can be taken as*decoction, tincture, cream or ointment.

RASPBERRY LEAVES (rubus idaeus)
use leaves and fruit
properties; uterine tonic, astringent
benefits; contractions, excessive bleeding.
*take freely during pregnancy to help with birth.
can be taken as tea or tincture.

BLUE COHOSH (caulophyllum thalictrioides)
use roots & rhizome
properties; uterine tonic, emmenagogue, anti-spasmodic.
benefits; delayed periods, pms, or pmt, miscarriage.
can be taken as* decoction or tincture.
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Your Country : Wales

PostSubject: Re: A WOMANS HEALING HERBS   Mon 16 Mar 2009 - 2:38

WOW that is a really informative post - thanks, will be using some of them for sure..

Elder and founder

Love, light and blessings hearts

There are NO coincidences in this life.......
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PostSubject: Re: A WOMANS HEALING HERBS   Mon 16 Mar 2009 - 2:45

great post!
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Your Country : United States

PostSubject: Re: A WOMANS HEALING HERBS   Sat 29 Aug 2009 - 23:00

Really awesome list. I agree that everyone should contact their primary care DR. first, but this is a really safe list. It's also a very usefull one. I didn't see Nettles... Saved my life when I was giving birth. Thanks for this though. Crimsonwind
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